Hannigan Fairing® for R1200R BMW

What a fine riding motorcycle.  This bike does everything a BMW twin should do just like the older Airheads.  Light weight, easy handling, great cornering, amazing brakes, even the seat isn't too bad.  With a Hannigan Fairing® at only 15 lb. you keep the weight light while getting a calm, quiet ride.  The Hannigan Fairing® for the R1200R still stores 25 liters inside.  We styled the the R1200 fairing to complement the lines of the R1200R while keeping the strong Hannigan aerodynamics which give riders better fuel economy and acceleration with good looks.  We can color match your Hannigan Fairing with optional silver (Krystal Grau) or BMW black paint.  We offer two sport fairing configurations and two touring configurations for the R1200R. 

The sport fairing comes with the Hannigan Sport-Shield™ for sleek low looks with lots of air for curing summer heat.  Keep the fairing plain or add Mid-Lowers to carry the sleek looks down to the top of the cylinders.   .

The Touring fairing comes with the Hannigan Tour-Shield™ which includes your choice of one of our six windshield heights and our removable Hannigan Slipper™ windshield spoiler fine tuned to your height.  We tailor the Tour-Shield™ to the way you sit on your motorcycle so you get a calm, quiet ride.  With the touring fairings you can have the Hannigan Touring-Full-Lowers™ for maximum weather and cold protection for your legs and feet when extending your riding season.  Or try Hannigan Classic Lowers™ which still give good weather protection with a more traditional RS Airhead look.  .

Hannigan Fairings® convert from sport to touring or from season to season in six minutes or less to best suite your riding needs.  You can order both Sport-Shield and Touring-Shield or all three lowers sets and Hannigan Hand-Fairings™ so within a few minutes you can convert your R1200R from pure sport to classic tourer to cold weather commuter in just a few minutes.  

Hannigan Fairings® for the R1200 are complete systems ready to ride.  The mount is powder coated and oven cured.  All mounting hardware is included.  The fairing includes headlight mount, turn signals, mirrors, windshield of your choice.  Lowers of your choice with stainless mounting hardware are included along with detailed instructions with lots of photos.  Installation is about 3 hours. 

Hannigan R1200 Classic Lowers™ Fairing System with Tour-Shield™.  All Hannigan  Fairings are complete systems with everything you need to install your fairing and be on the road.  The R1200 includes windshield, mirrors marker lights, turn signal.  Powder coated mount is oven cured; hardware is stainless with locknuts. 

Hannigan R1200 Classic Lowers™ Fairing System with Tour-Shield™ for a 5'-9" rider.  Classic lowers have the look of the original RS and give good weather protection.  Hands are out of the direction wind blast.  Mirrors are included. 

Hannigan R1200 Touring Lowers™ Fairing System with Tour-Shield™ for a 6'-1" rider.  Tour-Shield system includes a windshield that you look just of over the top of with our Slipper spoiler trimmed to your riding line of sight.  The Slipper directs the wind blast up and over the rider's head and helmet.  Ride with face shield open (riding glasses required) for a calm, quiet, earplug-free ride.  Slipper removes in 60 seconds. 

Hannigan R1200 Full-Touring-Lowers™ Fairing System with Tour-Shield™ for a 6'-1" rider.  Full-Touring-Lowers block wind blast and rain spray from the front wheel for a more comfortable ride in crumby weather.   All stainless fasteners hold the lowers in place.  Lowers remove in about six minutes if you wish more air in hot weather.    


Rider’s Area of Hannigan R1200 Fairing System with Tour-Shield™ for a 5'-9" rider.   Hannigan Fairings allow full lock to lock steering without interference.  Haningan Fairings have a inside dry storage plus mounting space on the deck for GPS, radar detector, satellite radio and other electronics.  

Hannigan R1200 Sport Mid-Lowers™ Fairing System with Sport-Shield™.  Mid-Lower give a light sport look with weather protection down to your boots.  Unlike most fairings and windshields Hannigan Fairings generate down force at the front tire rather than lift.  Hannigan Fairings lowers help the Hannigan Fairing shape press the front tire down at speed.  This produces a more planted and confident feel to the front end of your motorcycle when rounding corners.  

Hannigan R1200 Sport Fairing System with Sport-Shield™.  The Hannigan Sport Fairing keeps the light sporting feel of the R1200R.  The weight is low at only 15 lb. installed.  The Hannigan Fairing shape penetrates the wind keeping more horsepower in reserve for accelerating and passing.  Without lowers the fairing keeps you out of the wind 5" below your knees. 

Hannigan R1200 Sport Fairing System with Sport-Shield™.   Even though it is a sport fairing, there is nothing wrong with being comfortable on a sport motorcycle.   You can add a Tour-Shield System and swap windshields in 6 minutes for comfortable travel to the mountain road curves.