Hannigan Fairing® is growing. Both brick and mortar, and in the number of fairings produced.            

The Hannigan Fairing® Factory

Welcome to the Hannigan Fairing® Factory in Paris, Arkansas. For 33 years we have crafted the highest quality motorcycle fairings while respecting and gaining rider's trust.  We have many riding customers that have more than 300,000 miles on their Hannigan Fairing® and many customers will only buy a motorcycle that we fit. 

Expect only our best.  We work hard to carefully craft your fairing to your measure and to your riding style.  If you are not satisfied with our product or our company we ask that you tell us how we can improve.  We try hard to listen to riders and our customers so we find out how to better serve them.  If we still do not meet your expectations I expect you to call me, 800-324-7660 and tell me how we can do better.  If we are not able to meet your expectations then you get your money back. 

Our fairings are a complete integrated riding system with every fairing part you need to ensure you a quick and low fuss installation and decades of enjoyable riding comfort.  To build a complete fairing system our fairing factory has five process centers: 
Metal Fabrication
Fiberglass Laminating


Electrical Center:

We make wire harnesses, wiring pigtails and headlight assemblies here. Each connection on your fairing’s wire harness is pretreated with corrosion preventative before crimping.  We include an extra ground wire in each harness for improved reliability. Each wire harness has an accessory plus and ground wires so you can add to your fairing. The wiring pigtail comes with connectors that plug directly into your motorcycle’s wiring without splicing or Scotch Locks for quicker fairing installation and improved reliability. 

Amber crimps a harness connector. 

Sewing Center:

We make tonneau covers, headlight Frisbees ad fairing bras here. We sew tonneau covers from double thickness, UV resistant black vinyl for better durability. 

Judy sews a headlight frisbee.


Laminating Center:

The heart of our business, we make all fiberglass parts here, including molds and tooling. We make each fairing by hand one at a time so the right amount of resin and fiberglass are in each fairing ensuring strength without extra weight. Fiberglass construction is tougher than ABS cast fairings found on most OEM fairings. Any quality auto body shop can repair a Hannigan Fairing® in the event of serious tip over.

Jerry Cuts mat for a fairing.  Mike pulls fairing inner for trimming. 


Plastics Center:

We make windshields and spoilers here. We make our windshields and spoilers from more costly cell cast acrylic.  The technique is free air forming.  Vacuum molds draw heat from the windshield plastic at different rates causing asymmetric cooling and distortion.  Free air forming yields slow, uniform cooling for clear, distortion-free viewing.



Metal Fabrication Center:

We make mounting brackets and tooling here. All welded construction yields a mounting bracket providing decades of riding security for you and your fairing.  Hannigan Fairing® mounts are fabricated from solid steel.  Solid steel adds 7 oz. to our mounts and makes heat affected zone cracks much less likely.   Less expensive tubing mounts almost always crack with high miles or rough roads.  We build each Hannigan Fairing® with the assumption that you will ride it up the Dempster Highway to Inuvik, YKN.  Several Hannigan Fairings® have traveled around the world. 



Assembly Area:

We tailor each Hannigan Fairing® to the customer's specifications.  We hand assemble each part so you get an easy installation.  Tour-Shield and Sport-Shield packages ensure you get the windshield that best suites your your riding comfort.   Cold weather options like Hand-Fairings and Full-Lowers easily remove and install in a few minutes so you can convert your motorcycle to match your riding and the seasons.