Hannigan Fairing Systems for the Harley Davidson Street Rod and other V-Rod models motorcycles.  

HD V-Rod Black Front Right Profile                       

Hannigan Fairings® for HD V-Rod motorcycles.  The 24" wide Hannigan Sport Touring, ST Fairing or the Hannigan 21" wide Super Sport, SS fairing models fit the V-Rod Street Rod.   

HD V-Rod Black SS Left Profile

Photos show a Hannigan Fairing® SS model fairing on a R-Rod Street Rod.  Welded steel tripod mount is simple to install on the chassis.  Powder coating and oven curing of the mount resists corrosion protecting the appearance of your fairing investment.  All hardware is held in place with vibration resistant stainless steel locknuts.   Hannigan Fairing Systems offer riders calm, quiet riding with considerable weather protection with an installed fairing weight of only 19 lb.  The Hannigan ST fairing shown here has 40 liters of dry storage inside.  There is room on the fairing deck for mounting GPS, radar detector and satellite radio.  The fairing's wiring harness comes with accessory wire and spare ground for powering your electronics.  

HD V-Rod Black SThc fairing Right Profile                                   
The Hannigan Tour-Shield system includes a windshield and spoiler sized to the rider's height.  We trim removable Hannigan Slipper spoiler to fine tune the winshield height to meet your riding requirements.  When riding behind a Hannigan Fairing the background sound of the wind does not intrude on the strong V-Twin cadence of your Sportster's engine.  Six windshield heights give riders from 5'-0" through 6'-" calm, quiet, earplug free riding without buffeting, rumble or helmet shake.         

HD V-Rod Black SThc fairing Front Left   

Without saddlebags the bike carries 40 liters of gear inside the fairing.  Plenty of room for rain suits, picnic lunch or even a lap top computer.  Side pocket covers are locking with matching keys.  Hidden center door is large enough to hold an A-case lap top computer or the windshield spoiler.  

HD V-Rod Black SThc fairing Riders View

Hannigan ST Fairings come complete with H4 halogen headlight, marker lights and turn signals, all installed and prewired so your installation is short and fuss free.  All fairings come with plus and ground for powering fairing mounted accessories that you install in your fairng. 

HD V-Rod SThc fairing Black Front Right