Still the finest all round go any where, do any thing motorcycle.  With a Hannigan Fairing make you KLR a triple sport motorcycle.  With the aerodynamics and weather protection of a Hannigan Fairing® you can ride at freeway speeds and make serious miles in comfort, no trailer required.  We ride west from the fairing factory on I-40 at 85 mph then take a right after Oklahoma City.  The diagonal takes us out the Oklahoma pan handle to Black Mesa with 641 miles for the day.  A short run of dirt road puts us near Raton Pass, NM, at more than 7,000 feet.  The storage inside the fairing means most of my camping gear is inside the fairing.  Once at our base camp in the Canyon Lands I shed the saddlebags and take my gear out of the fairing.  Removing five nylon screws takes off the windshield & spoiler.  Water and snacks go in the fairing.  We shape the Hannigan KLR Fairing for off pavement riding.  I can pull myself forward and put my torsoe over the fairing when going up slope.  The lowers shield and protect the radiator when I fall over, note the lack of the word "if".  For getting out beyond the edge of the known world the fairing deck provides a good mount for the GPS.  Photos below show the KLR on Schaffer Trail near Moab, UT.   

I still don't have the photos cleaned up from the "End of the Road" trip to Yellowknife, Wriggly, Inuvik and Dead Horse on this KLR in 2012.  So many roads and so little time.  

KLR2KLR3 Recent changes:
Concours saddle bags replaced with left and right racks for carrying 55 liter dry bags. The bags carry more, keep things dry and attenuate impack in tip overs.