Vulcan 750

Hannigan Fairings for Kawasaki motorcycles.  Hannigan Fairings® make Kawasaki VN750 motorcycles into true touring machines.  The clean aerodynamic shape of a Hannigan Fairing increases the Vulcan's performance in all areas.  Wind tunnel testing showed that installing a Hannigan Fairing® improves the acceleration and fuel mileage.  At speed, when most fairings and windshields are lifting the front wheel, a Hannigan Fairing®pushes down on the front wheel giving the rider a better feel in corners and making tire stick to the pavement more authority.   Storage for the Vulcan is 46 liters inside the fairing.  This often eliminates the need for tank or tail bags or saddlebags making your bike look neater and less exposed to theft.  The fairings shown start at US$1099.00 for the Hannigan ST Fairing System.