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HP LaserJet CP1525nw

Printer Cartridges
HP LaserJet CP1525nw   NPI3E6E05

Device Configuration

Product Info

Product Name: HP LaserJet CP1525nw
Formatter Number: Q2135ZN
Serial Number: CNBF229996
Service ID: 22281
Firmware Date: 20101022
Max Monochrome Print Quality: 600x8
Max Color Print Quality: ImageREt 3600
Controller Number: 4
Device Description: HP LaserJet CP1525nw
Asset Number:
Company Name:
Contact Person:
Product Security: Off
Wired HW Address: 98:4b:e1:3e:6e:05
Wireless HW Address: 90:00:4e:7e:6d:4e
Network In Use: Wired
Host Name: NPI3E6E05
IPv4 Address:
IPv6 Address: FE80::9A4B:E1FF:FE3E:6E05
Show IP Address: Enabled
Total Memory: 128 MBytes
Available Memory: 86.23 MBytes

Installed Personalities and Options

PCL6 (20040201)
PCL (20040201)
PS (20040201)
DIMM Slot 1: Empty


Total Impressions: 15822
Monochrome Impressions: 8776
Color Impressions: 7046
Jam Events: 6
Mispick Events: 16

Paper Settings

Def. Paper Size: Letter
Def. Paper Type: Plain
Tray 2 Size: Any size
Tray 2 Type: Any Type
Paper Out Action: Wait Forever
Manual Feed: Off


Auto Continue: Off
# of Copies: 1
Courier Font: Regular
Orientation: Portrait
Monochrome RET:On
Wide A4: No
Monochrome Resolution:600
Monochrome Bits per Pixel:8
Color Resolution:600
Color Bits per Pixel:32
IO Timeout: 120 Seconds
Jam Recovery: Auto
Print PS Errors:Off
PS Wait Timeout:300 Seconds

Paper Types

HP Matte 90g:Heavy
HP Matte 105g:Heavy
HP Matte 120g:Heavy
HP Matte 160g:Card stock
HP Matte 200g:Card stock
HP Glossy 130g:Light Glossy
HP Glossy 160g:Glossy
HP TriGloss160:Glossy
HP Glossy 220g:Heavy Glossy
HP Photo 220g:Glossy Photo
HP Photo+ 220g:Extra Glossy Photo
Light 60-74g:Light
Heavy 111-130g:Heavy
X-Heavy131-175:Card stock
HGlossy111-130:Light Glossy
X-Hvy Glossy:Glossy
Card Glossy:Heavy Glossy
Color Transparency:Transparency
Heavy Envelope:Heavy Envelope
Heavy Rough:Card stock
HP Tough:Tough Paper


Extended print modes modified: No
At Very Low (Black Cartridge):Prompt
At Very Low (Color Cartridges):Prompt
Supply out override active: INVALID SETTING
Mono print active: No
Black User-Defined Low:6
Cyan User-Defined Low:6
Magenta User-Defined Low:6
Yellow User-Defined Low:6
USB Connection: Yes
USB Speed: High
Font Source: I (Internal)
Font Number: 23
Font Pitch: 10.00
Font Point Size: 12.00
Symbol Set: PC-8
Form Length: 60 Lines
Append CR to LF: No
Sleep Delay:15 Minutes

Print Quality

After Power On:15 Minutes
Calibration Timing:48 Hours
  C M Y K  
Contrasts: 0 0 0 0  
Highlights: 0 0 0 0  
Midtones: 0 0 0 0  
Shadows: 0 0 0 0